How it All Started For Me

In May 2011 I quit a very good job working as a Union Boilermaker. If you are wondering what a Boilermaker is or does well I will tell you in short. No it does not mean that I went to Purdue University ha ha. In short it’s anyone that works or builds small or large boilers. Most of the work happens in Power Plants and Oil Refineries. The work is very dangerous but the pay and benefits are great. It’s one of those kind of jobs that is not for everyone you either love it or hate.I love it but it took a toll on my body over the years.

Quite a few people were very shocked that I had given up such a good job so quickly, but I knew it was for the best for me at the time. I mean at this time I was a Boilermaker for over 27 years that’s all I knew. I started when I was 18 and now I was 44 and beat up pretty bad body wise. I wanted to do something where I was in complete control of my future in terms of the money and freedom of my time. I did build a little nest egg for spending while I started this online adventure. My wife was working full time and yes she did support me in my decision to go after something new and unknown as this. Let’s face I was no spring chicken and I had to change my mindset completely from working hourly to becoming a online entrepreneur I guess would be the best way to phrase it.

Within a couple of weeks of me quitting as a Boilermaker (this was around beginning of June 2011) I went out and bought a brand new laptop like my old would not have worked lol… No honestly I did need a new one my old one was on it’s last leg. Over the next couple of weeks I started to browse the Internet on a daily basis and I quickly got bombarded with all these “make money online ” banners and adverts. All this got me thinking that was this stuff for real or was it all just a scam, I am sure that most of you reading this felt the same way at one point or another.

I really did not know where to start, as I was opting in to all of these offers. Then all of those emails started bombarding my inbox I am sure you know what I mean. Well my first try was with paid surveys. That was not for me at all, I am not saying that you can’t make money online with paid surveys it’s just not my cup of tea. I soon discovered that it was not as easy as some of these so called gurus made it out to be. I then tried with CPA marketing (cost per action) now I will say that I did and still do like CPA marketing. I made my very first dollar online with CPA and I still continue to this day have part of my online business be in the CPA model.

I don’t want to bore you with all of the failed programs that I have tried or business models etc. Most of the grurs will tell you that people fail not programs and in some cases that is true. At this point I started my buying courses adventure. Yes I did need to learn what to do and what not to do. So I spent some money with course after course after course. With that being said I did learn a lot. I just did not know where to start meaning what business model did I want to go after. I mean you have niche blog marketing, affiliate marketing, CPA, Video Markting, Ecom and the list goes on and on I am sure you can relate.

I came to the conclusion that I needed something which I could focus on for the long term which was stable. So then I started to browse Youtube instead of Google. I typed in “how to make money online” and all of that stuff and watched tons of videos of people claiming they knew the “secret” “they cracked the code” to making money online etc.

Looking back now I cringe at the thought of some of the things I bought into but I guess that’s just the way it is and how I learned and now I’m here to tell the tail and pass on things to you so that you don’t end up wasting as much time as I did on some of these stupid things.

A lot of the stuff that I bought into were business opportunities and MLM programs and to be totally honest they were all a lot of complete crap but I don’t regret doing them because I learned a lot over the few months of browsing Youtube but my nest egg I saved up started the downward direction bit by bit.

The Last Job I Ever Have

Around March 2012 I started a Job again, doing YES! You guessed it Boilermaking work as I still needed an income so I could live and pay bills. I soon realized that making a full time income online wasn’t going to happen overnight.

My idea was that I would do Boilermaker work for as long as I can until I am making enough online to cover what I was making in my Job. I knew that it would not be easy but I was set on not giving up, that was not even in my mind.

So on I went working in my full time Job from 7 am till 3:30 pm Mon – Friday then hit the gym 3 – 4 times per week after work then to come home to then work online from around 8 – 9pm till sometimes 1, 2 and even 3am in the morning before getting up again at 6 am ready for my daytime job again.

The weekends were great as I could focus all my efforts online as I rarely worked them in my Job.

This is what I did while I was trying to build my online income at the same time.

The story continues…

My Huge Turning Point or (Breakthrough)

During the time that I was searching Youtube & Google and buying into some of these programs and opportunities around April 2012 there was a Huge turning point.

I still remember the day like it was yesterday because it was one of the best days of my life.

No I didn’t make $1000 in one day, I didn’t even make $100 in one day.

In fact I only made $30 and that money went straight to my paypal account.

I had actually made money online! Coooooooool… this really does work…

For me this was huge, this was proof that I could actually make money online, I just had to scale things up more and get better at what I was doing. This did wonders for my confidence level. Funny thing is when I made that first $30 I was hooked and wanted more.

For the next 5 – 7 months I actually did pretty well and started to make $200 – $500 weekly. I was using Youtube to market my current program and to drive traffic and the result was I started to do ok and make a bit of money.

But this didn’t last long.

I was on track for my first $200 day and was supper excited until…


Youtube deleted all of my channels, I had channels in different niches they were all gone.

So..with one push of a button my entire online income went to a big fat goose egg… (0)

This was when I had to seriously re-think my strategies and work on something a bit more stable and reliable. Where I had more contol over the income streams and content as well.

This all came about in November 2012 and this was when I started looking for other options, so I started doing CPA. This was not your normal cpa though.

The site I used was Cpalead.com where you get paid for people completing surveys. I built some small sites and then drove traffic to the sites from seo, social bookmarking sites and also places like hubpages and squidoo and also a bit of youtube now and again.

The way I made money was I used to leverage big sporting events like UFC and the Super Bowl, ETC. and then drive massive traffic to my sites and get people to fill out surveys. This is were I wish I had Google trends at the time lol.

I did ok with it, I was making between $500 – $1700 per month but I was putting in crazy hours, I’m talking 12+ hour days sometimes it was crazy.

This income model wasn’t too bad and you can still use it to make a bit of money however it wasn’t very stable and for the amount of time I was putting in and for the money I was making it wasn’t that good so I moved on to the nixt thing…

At this point in my journey I still wasn’t very close to quitting my day job and going full time from home because I needed a much more stable income model.

I was making money online but nothing that I could really rely on to pay the bills so on I went searching for something better…

Niche Marketing Was Next For Me

I continued to do CPA marketing and a bit of Youtube marketing plus some other little strategies with clickbank for the rest of 2012 and well into 2013 and then in November 2013 I decided to start building mini niche sites as I saw so many people that were doing well with it.

So I bought a few very good courses on Niche blog marketing and I will share them with you on this blog as well…

Although the niche site business model wasn’t quite as stable and air tight as I would of liked I felt like it was a bit more stable than putting all my eggs into the youtube basket and a lot less work than my CPA lead model so this is what I did.

I created my first niche site around weight loss in November 2013 and I will admit it was pretty awful however it did actually make money with it lol.

That particular site was based around adsense and that’s why I did it around weight loss because the cost per clicks were very good.

Now at this time I started to buy WordPress courses on Udemy and that’s where I learned how to create good niche sites and really lean how to use WP well.

From around November 2013 I focused heavily on building niche site after niche site after adsense site, after amazon site after clickbank site, sharing all of my success and results in the forums etc.

After around 6 months of hitting things really hard with link building, seo and creating wordpress sites I started to get some decent results.

I had my first $40 day.

That was mostly adsense with a bit of amazon and clickbank.

From there I went on to have my first $70 day a few weeks later.

Around Christmas 2013 I had hit my first $100 per day online. This was a huge milestone for me. In fact they were all huge milestones, my first $40, $50, $70 per day etc.

It was Christmas 2013 and things were going well. I was still working in my day Job making money while making some online too. I have to say that was getting really old at the time.

At the start of 2014 I remember going to the bank and looking at the payment which I had just been paid from google for adsense and it was just over $3000 in USD.

That $3000 was getting close to my Boilermaker job earnings on 40 hours a week meaning what I earned a month. The rest of 2014 I kept getting monthly checks from not only google adsense but amazon and clickbank as well. The checks were increasing to $4500 to $6000.

From January 2013 to October 2014 I did pretty well with niche sites as I had learned a lot over the previous 18 months of doing them so things were finally coming together and I was seeing some half decent results and making money.

I have progressed onto more profitable and stable income models but as of right now I still have and build niche sites to this day.

So at this point I did quit my Boilermaking job for good and I hired a virtual assistant (VA) to help scale up my online business, meaning with the small niche site business.

The List Building Train Begins

It was now January 2016, time to start building a email list of my own for promoting what ever products I wanted to. I decided to create a following on Youtube, FB and this Blog, branding my self and my story to share with others. Now the other part of my business my VA runs and I just over see and make the final call on things etc.

On this blog you will see me doing honest reviews on products, software, and anything else that had to do with online marketing.

I will also being sharing with you my best programs that I am still using to this day.

At the time of writing this about me page it’s now April 2017 and I have been full time online working from home for just over 3 years and it’s been really good fun with some ups and downs along the way.

I don’t know how far along I will be with this blog by the time you read this but I will contune work on this daily and or weekly.

Well that’s pretty much it.

That is my story as to how I started online and I went on to go full time online.

It’s not fancy, it’s not pretty and it has been very painful at times but it’s certainly worth it in the end.

I really hope you enjoyed this about me page and I hope you can take away lots of things that will help you to going full time online as an Internet Marketer.

I will keep adding content to this page as my journey continues.

Please like and share this post with anyone that you think would benefit from it.

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